Our Story

Hi, I am Joy!

I am the founder of The Chic Evangelist and CEO of The Chic Entrepreneur.

I am the daughter of the most high unashamed to spread and amplify the love of Christ
I love Christ and fancy Christian Dior (see what I did there)

I have allowed God to use me to raise a generation of women who will rep Christ by living the life God intended for them.

I am a Fearless influencer seeking to motivate, educate and Inspire you to live a fiercely faith-filled and fabulous life!

My mission is to help you realize that when God made you, everything about you was complete.

You do not need another self help book, you need to hear the right words, based on life changing biblical scripture to stir up the realization of the truth that should govern your life.

What is this truth;

That you are a child of the most high, created in his image and likeness, the apple of his eye, the masterpiece of his craftsmanship, you have no business living a mediocre life