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    The Chic Evangelist is a Global community of women,

    who strive to lead fearless, fabulous and faith driven lives.

    At The Chic Evangelist, we strive to amplify God’s love,

    through living authentic lives as we raise a generation of women

    who have resolved to use faith in God and faith for miracles,

    to transform their lives, and those of their communities.

    The Chic Evangelist




    To raise a generation of women who will live fearless, fabulous and faith filled lives.




    To impact the world by amplifying the Love of Christ through digital media, living authentic lives and being the change we want to see in our community.

    Our Core Values


    1. Love for God, People and Ourselves.

    2. Faith in God, Faith for Miracles and Faith in People

    3. Sacrificial Generosity- Giving to give and not to receive.

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