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    You Are Here: By Wasiboe

    Today’s word is written by Wasiboe who is a member of our sisterhood WhatsApp group. Happy Reading!

    Happy Easter Family and Friends. 

    “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross, and follow me.”

    MATTHEW 16:24 NLT

    As I studied God’s word this week, I also had the opportunity to listen my fellow sisters in our group as we go through various situations of life. This being the season we think of the Easter message, today’s word is centred on that theme with a focus on life’s realities and our posture as Christians. 

    Today’s verse is one of the hardest ones to stomach, especially when thinking about life’s hardship. As Christians, the hope we have for a better life very easily can lead to despair when the compounded rigours of parenting, work dynamics, economic turmoil, financial constraints and health challenges constantly colour our day to day life. Where is God when we don’t know where our next meal will come from? Where is God when the pain just won’t relent? 


    Christ says that doing life the way we know it, without Him, isn’t going to work for you. We must pick up our cross, and live life as he leads us. He gave us the blue print. He was born in this fallen world. He was born in a cow shed! Not pretty. At least I was born in a hospital. His childhood was with a carpenter, so he knows the value of hard physical labour. I can’t even wield a saw. Skip forward to being betrayed by a friend, Judas. He was falsely accused in a public court. He had people abuse him, spit on him, torture and kill him.  He knows suffering. And He also has plans for your good. 

    Picking up your cross means that as a Christian living in this world, you are not exempt from suffering. That’s called reality. But you can face reality with hope. Because Christ is right there with you. Ephesians 3:20 says that Christ’s mighty power, the power that kept Him strong through the toughest situations in His life, the moments leading up to His death, and more importantly to His resurrection, is at work within you. 

    None of us have suffered to the point we sweat blood. Jesus did. He suffered so greatly mentally just thinking about what He had to go through, that He was sweating blood, asking God not to let Him go through with it. Therefore, you can trust His comfort through your most difficult situations because He Has been through it.

    Prayer for today.

    Thank You Jesus, for what you chose to go through. Even when I complain about my struggles, you hear me. You understand my pain. You keep me secure in Your love. You are right here with me. Thank You 🙏🏾 

    Thank you for reading!


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