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    Are you in the Wilderness?

    Praise Jesus!

    Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the wilderness? I know I live in a dessert, but I mean a spiritual wilderness. Today I am sharing with your Bible Study compilation that was shared by my friend Karey.

    Let us look at Psalm 23

    I would like us to talk about seeing God and still praising Him in our wilderness. First question.

    What is the wilderness?

    OK, the wilderness, a place of desolation. Not much grows there, the sun seems to beat down a little bit more, water is a luxury, it’s not like a desert, it’s a place that should support life but just doesn’t.
    Wilderness is a place of hardship. A place you live in hope that tomorrow will be better.
    David, writing Psalms 23 was in the wilderness tending his sheep.
    I would like us to picture a shepherd with at least 500 sheep, in a place where he has to keep roaming with the sheep looking for a place where they can feed until they are full, and drink to quench their thirst, a place safe from the predators… like the bear and the lions who lay in wait at such places knowing sooner or later, an animal would turn up at a watering place and they would have their food. David as a shepherd held the life of his sheep in his hands…
    HOWEVER, David SANG this Psalm… Not complaining about the way it was hard getting food and water, how it was hard fighting the lions and the bears…. No… He found his God IN the wilderness
    I am currently enjoying being here with you ladies because of late, testimonies are flowing, and ladies are talking g of how they will also soon have a testimony… Do you know what we are doing?
    We have stopped encouraging ourselves to speak of the wilderness negatives. We have stopped murmuring!


    1. You understand that it’s not by your strength that you are whom you are. Like the way Davis spoke of the staff… He Guides you to places… Though you walk in valleys of death, He Protects you.
    2. You learn strength within. You that you never knew existed. David killed bears and lions… Would he have done so at home? Would he have ever killed Goliath?
    3. You learn to praise!!! Most important… You learn to see the mountain and see The Force Behind the mountain.
    4. The Lord Takes away your frenenemies, and all the other support you thought you needed to survive.You learn all you need is Him in your corner.
    5. You finally understand that ALL things work out for you…
    6. You learn lesson that take you to the next spiritual level… You grow spiritually, and meet new demons in the new realm bit since you overcame, you can overcome again.
    7. You learn to trust in God’s Timing
    8. You learn that you are only human. It humbles you. 😊

    There are so very many benefits to being in the wilderness, like David, could you find it in you to praise… Praise until you are lifted… Until The Lord Himself Speaks into your situation.
    Do not complain, learn whatever lesson you are being taught and learn it fast. Teachers here will tell us that you do not learn a new lesson until you have learnt the previous one.
    You cannot get a promotion if you haven’t been faithful where you have been.
    Stop saying your boss is difficult, pray for them, and praise God for them.
    Stop saying your relationship is difficult, pray for that person, and praise God for them.
    Stop saying we pray for you your debts ziende, respect the money you already have… Tithe, and pay those debts pole pole, Praise God for them too.
    He Dwells in the praises of His people.
    Now, let me tell you a secret The Holy Spirit once whispered to me… The Power of gratitude. In praise is gratitude and Thanksgiving. Do you know how much changes when we are grateful? Look at David’s life, he could have been bitter, but was he? No… He chose to praise. No other king in Israel ever praised like David.
    Learn to be grateful. Learn to praise again… The Lord Asks that we test Him… Try it.
    Be grateful for even the negatives, in them is a lesson, and a chance to grow in Him.
    Keep praising dearest, remember it’s praises that opened the prison doors for akina Peter… And with praise, be grateful for EVERYTHING…. then please keep those testimonies coming. Allow us to praise Him with you.

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