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    My faith is built on what?

    There is a very popular song that says; My faith is built on nothing else but Jesus Christ and Righteousness.

    I have been listening and reading about faith. This is because, without faith it is impossible to please God.

    Many people claim to have faith but I am starting to wonder what the foundation of our faith is. I have been asking myself, why do I have faith in God.

    Sometimes, we have faith in people because of their abilities. We trust that they can come through based on their capacity.

    When it comes to my walk with Christ, I am moved to believe that the foundation of my faith is in WHO GOD IS and not what GOD does.

    How many of you would have followed Christ if you did not see Him do things? If he did not give you that job, marriage, child, would you remain steadfast in your faith?

    How many of you understand that our salvation is a based on faith. In John 3:16 it says that ” Whosoever believes in Him” so you have to believe to receive Christ.

    For three days straight, this verse in Ephesians has been on my heart.

    The word of God, goes on to say what we can do when we have faith.

    Look at this;

    As you start this week, understand that God has called you to be His for Himself. He wants you enjoy a personal relationship with Him that is based on faith.

    Remember that Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God. So, saturate your heart with God’s word and build your faith.

    Thank you for passing by!




    • Winnie

      This is awesome Girl.such a powerful message..for sure it is impossible to please God without faith.much more blessings

      • Joy Quint

        Hey Winnie,
        Thank you for passing by!! God Bless You.

        • Mwara

          That verse in Ephesians has been on my heart as well. There’s a similar verse in Ezekiel 36 that says there’s nothing we could ever do do deserve His grace and love, it was all Him. He did it because He swore an oath to Himself and He wouldn’t go back on His own word. Such a merciful father. Truly, I love to be a child of God because I’ve got a guarantee that He will never change His mind about me, He will never push me away or reject and even when I’m falling short He will still have mercy on me and cover me with grace. Hallelujah!

    • dorothy

      Wow this is a wonderful site! Are your next quarter journals out yet?

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