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    The Power Of Sharing Your Story

    Hey darling! I thank God for you and the fact that you stopped by here is a miracle in itself.

    I have been over-listening to Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church and this man of God has been exposing me in more ways than one!

    The one thing that I have learnt the most from him is the transparency of his story. He shares of his past on that pulpit unashamed. This is what most of us lack.

    We are so afraid to share our past because we are ashamed of where we came from. What we forget is that God will not heal what we don’t reveal.

    Our purpose is allowing God to use our story and use it for His glory.

    I learnt this a long time ago. That if you share your story and it ends in sadness, you just transferred sorry. However, when we inject faith in our story, and share what God did or how God came in, we know it ends up being a testimony.

    Testimonies are good! The Bible says that we over come by the blood of the lamb and the power of our testimony. (Revelation 12:11)

    So, what’s your story? That is what you have in your hand. That is what God wants to use for his Glory.

    Will you open your heart to Him? Allow Him to show you how he can use your mess to bring forth a message for someone looking for hope, healing and restoration?

    Allow God in, so He can show off! There is power in your story.

    I love you!


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