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    Hello Sisters! We launched prayer journals and would love to share with you. We have launched the journals and I am so excited. We have 3 journals;

    1. Andika Neno: Andika Neno is designed to simplify your personal time with God. In only 10 minutes you will write down your verse of the day, write down what the Holy Spirit has ministered to you about that word and even have the opportunity to write down your prayers and what you are grateful for.

    2. Andika Ombi : With Soma Neno, no longer will you wonder how to follow a sermon or message. With the simple layout, you are now able to make a note of the key messages from the teachings God allows you to listen to.

    3. Soma Neno: By picking up this prayer journal, you definitely recognize the power of writing your prayers down. Inspired by great women of faith, we write our prayers down so that we remember that we are at war with the enemy of our soul. I pray that as you begin to write your prayers down, your faith will increase and more than anything, the Holy Spirit will begin to intercede for you through these pages.

    Enjoy Watching!