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    The Chic Evangelist 4th March Conference

    Look a God dear sisters! We stepped out in faith that we will have a meeting this quarter and God did it! From the planning to working out the budget, one thing remained clear is that God was going to show up!

    They say, a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a collection of what our day looked like!

    We welcomed the ladies to the fellowship with motivational banners .

    Our MC, Felly who did a stellar job despite having an infant with her! Kudos!

    As the ladies settled in, they were asked to get to know at least 5 other ladies. Little did they know Felly would then call on them randomly to name these 5 women. This was beautiful as we were then asked to pray for those five ladies.

    After getting to know each other Joy took the stage to speak about The Chic Evangelist. She was also our first speaker of the day and spoke about the the recognition of being a daughter of God.

    We had a lovely panel session after Joy’s session with Dr. Belle.

    We were pleased to invite women from the ACOM Church leadership

    Minister Pauline, was also present and lead us in a powerful session of praise and worship. The worship session truly changed the atmosphere as we were ushered into God’s presence.

    When I tell you God was in the house, He really was.

    We were next ushered into a sumptuous lunch that was prepared for us.

    After we came from lunch, we couldn’t resist but have Minister Pauline back on stage for a praise and worship session to start the afternoon session.

    Even as I write this, I can still feel the presence of God just looking at these photos.

    Our afternoon session started with Grace Achoki who is a relationship expert. She absolutely loves Jesus. As Joy introduced her, it so happens that Grace spoke at Joy’s bridal shower 9 years ago! Grace brought spark and it was evident that she knew who she was as a daughter of God.

    We had mum’s come in with their babies and to see such determination to be in God’s presence really moved us!

    After Grace, we had our sister Dr. Belle who came all the way from Qatar to be a part of our day. She dwelled mostly on the acts of a daughter of God.

    We had another session of prayers and God moved in ways we still have no words for.

    Then Reverend Esther Ashimala, took to the stage and this was a fire session of reminding the enemy that he has not hold over us, we know who we are!

    We had a lovely tea break as we checked out some of the merchandise that was available for sale at a discount.

    pssssst peep our new design launching soon.

    We later had a loaded panel discussion and the sisters we asked to write in their questions while some asked their questions in person.

    Edith Wangari then led us into a prayer session where we went up to the altar and laid our burdens down.

    We shared communion together and after that we had some cake and continued mingling with each other. Our cake was made by one of our sisters Mercy.

    Our young members were also in attendance.

    As the day came to a close, we managed to get a group photo!

    We started out very civilized……..
    And got goofy! Yes, That Joy and her mum and the front!

    The day overall was a success and we truly thank God for coming through for us.

    We thank God for everyone who supported our ministry this far and May God bless you.


    The Chic Evangelist Editorial team.

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