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    Let’s be honest!

    There is a misconception that as a born again young lady, your dressing has to depict your humble heart. Many think that in your attempt to dress in a manner that does not cause another to stumble, you are excused to be drab!

    Oh no, Honey!

    Well, I come from the school of thought of madame Chanel who says that a lady should be two things; Classy and fabulous! Well, if you are new here, in this space, I am determined to help young women live fearless, faith filled and fabulous lives!

    Today, I want to share with you stores that you can shop for your modest looks.

    Welcome to Hallelujah Swag Friday!

    This Friday, I will share with you 3 stores where you can shop for looks that will have the Angels smiling as you go about your day and they will stay true to their duty to ensure your foot does not strike a stone!

    1. Shop New level ; Nairobi,Kenya


    Shop new level understands style. What I love most about them is that they have something for everyone. They have unique pieces, that I must say are named so creatively and sort f give the feel of the look. They have all sizes and best part, they have a store where you can try out the outfits. If you are busy and want your items super fast, they deliver! These are my two tops dresses!

    Click on the image to shop THE NEW MONEY DRESS

    2. Geek Boutique : Nairobi, Kenya

    Online Boutique

    The first time I coined the phrase Hallelujah Swag, I was commenting on a picture by Nelly Mwangi on her Instagram page. She runs the geek Boutique and boy oh boy!

    What I love the most is that the pieces are versatile and can work for both office, weekend and even church. The modest style going on here is amazing. They also have sizes meaning if you are a thiccccc chic sister, you are sorted!!! The store is online and I know they do delivery!

    Click the image to follow on Instagram

    3. Shop J. Bolin : USA

    Now my darlings, if you do not know who J. Bolin is, I was in your shoes until my friend Nancie showed me the light. I say the light because I did not know any born again celebrity stylists! he has Jesus and Swag and knows how to make do with whatever you got. His story is so inspiring!!!

    He started his own fashion line and he caters to women of all sizes. I love how he displays his work. He shows off the same outfit on different body types and gives so much inspiration for those who love fashion and design.

    Click on the image to shop
    Click on the photo to shop this colourful Maxi

    That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed today’s style post. let me know in the comments, if there is any other store that we ought to check out.

    I want to wish you a lovely weekend! See you Sunday, right here for your slice of Bible Study!



    • Photo courtesy of linked shops ( Click the images to view original source photos)

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