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    Mental Wellness Requires Faith With Action

    I never thought I would ever suffer depression, let alone admit it. I had this notion in my head that because I am born again, all I had to do was pray about it.

    You know, I can understand why many people find it hard to speak about what ails them deep because all they get is a word of scripture. I am so guilty of this. I mean I have a Bible Verse for everything. So, imagine when tables turned and I needed help beyond the scripture.

    While I am much better now, it was a journey that needed action. Faith with action.

    Faith without action is dead. In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

    James 2:17

    It is not enough to only offer spiritual counsel when you can do more than that. Most of us, shy away from stepping out to help, because much of what is required of us, will need us to seek deep with us.

    So the next time someone around you seems to be going through it, together with praying for them and sending them that scripture, put your faith to action. Here are three ways you can try.

    • Pay for a therapy session. You can use your finances to have a professional speak to them. Some sessions cost as low as KSH1,500/- and you can offset this for someone as well as pray for them.
    • Listen. Some of us are not willing to actively listen to people. We often listen as we think of what to say or wonder where we can share their situation as a story to gain us mileage in the social streets. Active listening involves allowing the person to say what’s on their mind, asking them questions to allow them to further explain themselves and most importantly not making it about you!
    • Do something that would take a load off them. My language of love is acts of service ……and gifts! And I remember when I was going through post-partum depression, my younger sister used to really help me, by making me a cup of tea. You can put your faith in action by being of actual help. Go over, cook dinner, do their laundry, baby sit, help them with a school assignment. Put your faith in action, literally.

    There is so much we can do other than sharing scripture, we can go a step further and actually be there for others. So go out there and put your faith to action.

    Thank you for stopping by darling. Remember to keep the faith, live fearlessly and stay fabulous.



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