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    We made it through January! What a blessing! I hope that your year is off to a  great start. I hope you enjoyed preparing and writing down your vision. Did you participate in any fasting and prayer? Well listen, however January was for you. I am glad you made it! 

    This month, I really want to go deep with you. I want to create time for you to read and learn about God’s love. God’s Love is probably one of those things that took me so long to understand. It is hard to imagine that the Almighty God, Loves me! the imperfect me! the control loving me! the insecure me. And guess what, he loves you too. 

    The February  Andika Neno is all about LOVE! I don’t want you to go another day without experiencing God’s love for you.  As we think of His love for us, may it prompt us to yearn for Him and to crave being in His presence. 
    May His love be the only validation we need to live boldly and fearlessly. May it strengthen our faith and be the fuel we need to live life in abundance.  

    Everyday this month, I want you to take time and reflect on what God’s word says about love. Dive deeper and take time to write out the verses. Learn them and keep them in your heart.

    I want to thank you for being diligent in reading and memorizing scripture this year. The Word you have hidden in your heart, will never depart from you.  

    You can download your Andika Neno by clicking HERE

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    May God’s love abound!