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    What a miracle it is to see ANOTHER YEAR.  take a moment and this of how awesome 2021 has been! I am sure that through the rough patches, you can see God. God is good my friend, even when things are bad. He is our assurance and only hope. I didn’t intend to start off with preaching, but I couldn’t help it. 

    Starting a New Year is truly a blessing. If you are like me, you see it as a opportunity to regroup, pause, reflect and start afresh. I consider January the month where I set the pace for the year. This is why for past 5 years, January for me is characterized with a fast. More on this later.

    The January Andika Neno is all about VISION! I don’t want you to craft a vision board just for the sake. So, I want you to pray about your vision. Read God’s word about your vision. ASK God about His vision for you. There is no need to start listing things and not go back to your Maker to check if those things align with His plan and purpose for you. 

    Throughout January, I want you to take time and reflect on what God’s word says about Vision. Vision is fueled by hope which fuels our faith. 

    I want to thank you for being diligent in reading and memorizing scripture this year. The Word you have hidden in your heart, will never depart from you.  

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    Happy New Year!! 


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