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    Merry Christmas!

    I mean it loves! The year is over!

    I am really excited about this month. I started my day with a powerful text from a member of our prayer group that read:

    Happy New Month October! The month of uncommon harvest. May you encounter divine harvest in all areas of your lives in the month of October.


    This message hit me hard! Uncommon harvest what a declaration!

    I was thinking, as I was working on the Bible Verses for this month that, God has to save me. I felt that me and my friends and prayer partners actually need Him to come and save us.

    I wanted to read more about His saving power and His saving grace. That’s who God is! My Saviour.

    As you go through October and enjoy your harvest time, rest in the Joy of the salvation of the Lord.

    You can download the Scripture writing plan right here.

    As Always, my request is that you share this plan with a friend, partner, sister, boss, basically everyone!

    I love you and I wish you a wonderful month ahead.

    Love Always,


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