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    This IS The day! Rejoice in it!

    This IS the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

    So much will happen today to challenge the statement above. 

    I want to encourage you that no matter what happens today, IT still remains the day the Lord has made and YOU will rejoice in it. 

    God knows what lays ahead of us today. He knows what you need and He has prepared for you to have it. It will not delay nor be diverted.  It will come to you exactly how the master has ordained it. 

    Photo by Federico Respini 

    How is your attitude as you await the manifestation? Are you angry it has taken so long? Are you anxious that you are running out of time? Are you nervous that you may not be well prepared for it? 


    Are you thankful that all things work together for your good because you are called according to God’s purpose?  

    Are you praising God because you know His track record and know that He never fails? 

    We walk in the timing of the Lord and remain in His will, to be thankful in all things. 

    * I want to hear about your answered prayers*

    Our answered prayers remind us that God does listen. He acts on our issues. He loves us! 

    God bless you as you uplift each other with a testimony. 




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