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    Here’s The Proof: Saved and Slaying!

    When I first came up with this segment, I was not sure if I would even have the energy required to find content relevant for it. I have tried to run a fashion blog before and when it did not do well, I sort of shelved the idea! Now here I am giving it another got. Enough of my rumbling!

    The best part about being born again is that you learn how to be intentional about everything. I try to be very intentional about my fashion choices. I mean, shouldn’t we all be?

    This segment will be used to share with you what I call, Hallelujah Swag!

    Hallelujah swag will be about sharing with you style round ups plus giving you links and hook ups of where you can actually purchase these items. We shall also be celebrating modest styles that have made it to the Hallelujah Swag Hot List every week.

    To set the ball rolling, I want to share with you ladies who have publicly declared that they love and have a personal relationship with God and are killing it in the fashion arena! The main aim of sharing this is to show you that having a relationship with Christ does not turn you into drab, it gives you that Jesus glow!

    1. Joyce Omondi

    I am unashamedly starting with Joyce because I have to use my bragging rights to say that she is my friend! Now Joyce has impeccable style. She has embraced modesty and wears it with lots of class. She aways has. She currently hosts full circle with Joyce on Switch TV and on her Instagram she shares her weekly looks. Best part, she tags the stores, a girl got us!!!

    Photo Courtesy @Joyce Omondi

    2. Milly Wa Jesus

    Milly Wa Jesus, as her name suggest ni wa Jesus kweli. I know she is an ex-Pangerian like me but that is not why she is on my list. I love Milly’s style because it is so feminine, chic, subtle and she love African Print just like me. Her pregnant style has been amazing and at one point me had me thinking of getting pregnant just so I can steal her style!!!

    Photo Courtesy @MillywaJesus

    3. Sarah Jakes Roberts

    Chiiiiilllllle! You know what that means if you listen to the Woman Evolvle Podcast. This is a woman I look up to! She is doing amazing things for Jesus and staying so stylish. She is a pastor, an author, a mom and a wife! I must be honest guys, I stalk her. Sometimes, I watch her preach and be like, wah, those heels are bomb!

    Photo Courtesy @sarahjakesroberts

    The list can never be exhausted my darlings!!! For this week, Let us end it here.

    Next Week, I will share with you Hallelujah Swag certified fashion finds that you need in your closet!

    You don’t want to miss!!!!

    Until next week, remain to keep the faith, live fearlessly and stay fabulous!!




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