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    I DARE You To Have Crazy Faith!

    The Bible says, in the book of Hebrews, and without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.

    This verse has never hit me as hard as it did when I listened to a sermon by Transformation Church Pastor Mike Todd, titled Crazy Faith.

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    You see as a born again young woman, I know I have faith. Or I had an idea of faith. I started exploring how much faith I have and how much faith I have in God. Not in what He can do but in WHO he is. I found out things about God that shook my faith. At the time, I did not understand why? So, I ran.

    Now running as a born again Christian with a Ministry imparted over your heart is not easy. Every time I stumbled, I knew it was because I was running. Every time my husband and I fought, I knew it was because I was running.

    You may be wondering, why in heaven is she running; if God is doing the things she prayed for? Well, because, I had doubt that God would actually do it and do it for me.

    Image result for crazy faith part 1"
    c/o Transformation Church

    Has God ever blessed you and that very thing He blessed you with, turns you away from him? I would have sworn that this would never be me. Oh how fast were my words tested. I started to slowly court familiar sins, especially prayerlessness (I would pray for others but lost intimacy with God). I changed my media in that even songs I would listen to would not be the kind that gives glory to God, but have a really nice beat! I know you get my drift.

    The experience of trying to run away from the reality that I was living my answered prayers led me into a spiritual wilderness. All I knew was that God loves me and that I will get out of it. Getting out was the part I want to help you with. I want to share with you, things that you can do, when doubt starts replacing faith in your life and in your heart.

    • Surround yourself with people with the same faith. Faith calls us to never give up the habit of meeting together for fellowship.
    • Irrigate your heart with scripture. An audio Bible would be great. A preaching on the very feeling you have is available. Try google.
    • Pray. I know. You are probably thinking, “Joy, do I pray when I cannot pray?” Pray when it is hardest to pray. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Open up the book of Psalm and just read them allowed. Cry. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groaning and moaning.
    • This is probably the game changer. PRAISE AND GRATITUDE. Start to praise. Just put on some music and just praise God, dance alone or with your kids or family. Start to give thanks and your focus will be restored and your faith stirred.

    I sure hope that this stirs up your faith and that you are able to maintain the faith throughout the month of February.

    Lots of love darling,


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