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    We are in May ! Happy New Month! I am so excited for this month! It’s mother’s day in a few days! 

    A very warm welcome to all new readers and sisters, we are so glad you get to read this love note for the first time. We are so excited that you are part of our sisterhood. Let me just say, you are part of 371 fabulous women in the Chic Squad!! How amazing is that! To put into context, if we all had a day to pray in a year, we are enough to cover the entire year  and a few days with prayer. 
    Thank you for staying subscribed to this newsletter. 

    Our Worship is our Weapon! 

    April was amazing! We had a full month dedicated to prayer and fasting. I know that some were able to make it through the 30days whilst others a few days. This is so awesome! What I learnt is that God is concerned about our heart. Our deed are not what God is looking at. What are your intentions for doing what you are doing? This is the question that guided me throughout the month. 

    We are in May. When I was thinking of May, I kept using it in a sentence. May God’s favour be around me…. you know the song? It gave me such assurance that I can speak God’s word this month (and any other month) and it shall come to pass in my life. 

    Having fasted in April, I was moved by God to think of Praise and Worship. Praise and Worship for me has become a helpline for me. It has become how I fight my battles. You know, Praise and Worship are usually thought to mean the same thing, however Praise prepares us for worship. 

    Praise and Worship leader Judson Cornwall, in his book, Let us Worship, writes, “Praise, prepares us for worship”; it is a “prelude to worship.” Praise is not an attempt to get something from God; it is a ministry that we offer to God. We offer praise for what God has done— for God’s mighty deeds in history and continued providential presence in our lives. While the energy of praise is toward what God does, the energy of worship is toward who God is. The first is concerned with God’s performance, while the second is occupied with God’s personage. The thrust of worship, therefore, is higher than the thrust of praise” (p. 146 of Let Us Worship).

    Our Andika Neno for this month is on Praise and Worship. 
    This is a call for us to exalt the Lord and humbly come before him and celebrate who He is!
    These Bible Verses will be your partner during your quiet time everyday. The perfect way to start your day-Praising The Lord! 
    Every day, using your Andika neno Journal, take some time to write down your verse of the day. 

    Writing the verse down helps you memorize the Bible Verse and before you know it, God’s word will continually be on your lips. 
    I want to thank you for being diligent in reading and memorizing scripture this year. The Word you have hidden in your heart, will never depart from you.  

    You can download your Andika Neno by Clicking HERE 

    Thank you and Stay Blessed!



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